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Secured Degree offers different types of degrees – all accredited and reliable.  For more information, refer to the table below:

Degree TypeDetailsYears of Experience Recommended
Associate DegreeAn Associate degree is an undergraduate academic degree award by university for about two years. This is usually equivalent to two years of a four years of university degree in most countries, especially in USA, Canada and Australia. 2 years
Higher Diploma (Selected Major Only)A Higher diploma is an academic award below bachelor degree. It usually takes two to three years to finish.2 years
Bachelor DegreeA Bachelor degree is an academic degree awarded for an undergraduate major that last four years in US system and three or four years in UK system. You can find more detail in the following: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bachelor’s_degree3 years
Post Bachelor Diploma (Selected Major Only)Post Bachelor Degree (or Post Bachelor Diploma) is usually one year of diploma beyond completion of Bachelor Degree. Although this type of diploma is not common, but it available in some majors and it is quite common in European countries.3 years
Professional Diploma (Selected Major Only)Professional certification, professional certification or professional designation is a designation earned by a person to assure qualification to perform a job or task. Not all subject areas have professional diploma. We have a limited major available in this diploma, for example, business, computer technology, environment, economic, language education, logistics and transport, project management and security,etc.4 years
Master DegreeA Master degree is usually an one or two years of study beyond Bachelor degree. In Europe, it is called a “magister” degree.4 years
Doctorate Degree (PHD)A doctorate degree is the highest terminal degree which usually take 3 to 6 years beyond master degree. University usually offers Doctorate Degree in the following title only: Doctor of Philosophy (PHD), Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Doctor of Science (DSc), Doctor of Arts (DA), Doctor of Education (DEd), Doctor of Engineering (DEng), Doctor of Social Science (DSSc) and Doctor of Theology (Th.D), etc.6 years
Honorary Doctorate DegreeThis degree usually award to formally recognize individual’s contributions to particular area, community service or philanthropic efforts.8 years
ProfessorshipA Professor (Professorship) will be granted to a person who is scholarly teacher, in addition, a person who is an expert in their own area.8 years
Honorary ProfessorshipHonorary Professorship usually recognize the contribution by a non-employee or by an employee beyond regular duties.10 years
FellowshipA fellowship or Fellow is to describe a person, particularly by those in the upper social classes. This awarded to an elite person work in pursuit of knowledge or practice.8 years

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When people opt for higher education, they always have a dream in their eyes. They plan their future and walk on the path which will lead them to the destination they have been dreaming about. They dream about a better job, a better house, a better salary and a better life. For most people, education is the key factor to get successful. The easiest way to fulfill their big dreams is to have a good accredited degree in hand that will help them get a high paying job. People acquire an accredited degree from a reputed university to get ahead in life, to do better and to be successful.

You have completed your education and have done pretty well there. Now you are setting out in the sun to find your dream job. You attend interviews after interviews trying to find the perfect job that you had always wanted but are unable to. What if you realize that you are rejected on the basis of your degree? What if you find out in the process that the degree you hold is not an accredited degree. While it may not sound too familiar, this is quite a common situation. Many students attend universities and complete their graduation only in the hope to get an accredited degree but later they realize that the university is not recognized and has provided them with a fake degree. While you had put in all efforts to get the best academic results, you will see your dreams shattered when at the end of it all you don’t get an accredited degree.

An accredited degree is one that is issued by a University which is recognized by the Government of the state or country it operates in. This recognition will allow the university to provide an accredited degree to its students upon graduation. This recognition is provided to a university based on certain standards and after inspecting the quality of education provided at the university.  Only an accredited degree issued by a recognized university holds a legal status.

Unlike the fake degrees or degrees issued by unrecognized universities, an accredited degree is recognized globally and holds the same value anywhere across the globe. This accredited degree will be considered in every educational institution around the world if you want to go for higher studies. An accredited degree assures high quality education and this implies that the big companies looking out for employees will consider the holders of accredited degree in priority for employment from the pool of potential candidates.  This is simply because the accredited degree will guarantee the standard of education provided to the degree holder making him a suitable candidate for a specific job or role. An accredited degree will not just make the degree holder to be successful in getting a good job but will also enhance his or her social standing. An educated person from a reputed university holding an accredited degree is always looked up to by the society.

There are several universities out there that provide various courses. Most of these universities will provide degrees too. However, it is important to understand the fact that only an accredited degree will be considered valuable for your future endeavors. Hence, you need to be careful to choose the university or institute that is recognized. In most cases, the problem with non accredited degree usually arises with an institute providing specialized training rather than one that is providing academic qualifications. Many students after completing their graduation often take up courses that help them in enhancing their skills. These skills are more to do with enhancing the possibilities of getting a job in a particular industry. These institutes are not affiliated with any universities and they do not follow the set standards of imparting training and education. So the quality of education and the degree provided by them is of no value globally. Such unrecognized institutes provide a non accredited degree that does not validate the training the degree holder has received. There are several instances when the degree holder does not even realize that he or she holds a non accredited degree till he or she actually starts looking for a job.

In order to avoid any hassles in relation to your degrees, it is always recommended that you do a thorough research on the university or institute you are planning to join. If you want to get an accredited degree that will guarantee you a good job and a successful professional life, it is important to join the right university or institute.

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